Our Team

Our Team

Hannah Coghill

Founder of Ready Steady Therapy and Senior Paediatric Physiotherapist

“I love to make physio sessions fun for everyone! I know plenty of silly songs and games, so it doesn’t feel like we’re working.”

Hannah has worked with children in a range of physiotherapy settings since her graduation in 2011 from the University of Nottingham, England. Before moving to Australia in 2017, Hannah held paediatric physiotherapy roles in the National Health Service, working in major UK hospitals. Her most recent role was Highly Specialised Paediatric Physiotherapist, and involved working with children with complex disabilities at St Georges University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Now in Australia, Hannah is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association and the National Paediatric Physiotherapy Group. She has worked as a Senior Physiotherapist in the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network, working both clinically and in research. When she first moved to Sydney, she worked with non-government organisations, providing paediatric physiotherapy to children in the community. This helped her to gain a good understanding of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Hannah has experience in working with children of all ages and with multiple conditions, ranging from, but not limited to; complex physical disabilities, developmental delay, neuromuscular conditions, rehabilitation, sporting injuries, neurodisabilities, and acquired brain injuries. 

She loves helping children and their families to work towards the physical goals of the child, using assistive technology to support development. She looks forward to seeing you at your physio session, especially if you also know some silly songs!

Abby Thevarajah

Senior Paediatric Physiotherapist

“I love working with children and their families in a community setting to help them achieve their physiotherapy goals, whilst having loads of fun!”

Abby is a Physiotherapist with over 10 years of experience in the community, private and public sectors. As a senior Physiotherapist at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, Abby has developed and managed clinical based programs for children with significant health issues and physical disabilities. She has provided support and education for families and other healthcare staff regarding the assessment, rehabilitation and management of children with complex disabilities.

Throughout her diverse employment history, Abby has worked in a variety of settings including Early Childhood Intervention, special education and community based therapy in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. During these roles she has been a passionate advocate for the children and families she has worked with, as well as acting as an educator and mentor to her fellow team members. Abby has supported children and their families in participating in community activities and the provision of specialised equipment, such as walkers, standing frames and wheelchairs.

She is passionate about consumer involvement in research, community engagement and enhancing awareness of inclusive practices for people with disabilities. Abby is currently a PhD student with the Australian Catholic University, investigating and evaluating adapted bike riding for children with disabilities.

Abby enjoys working together with children and their families within a community setting to help them achieve their goals!

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