Aquatic Hydrotherapy Sydney

Our Physiotherapist’s are trained to provide water-based physiotherapy activities. We provide aquatic physiotherapy sessions in local leisure centres and your own home (pool required). Find out more about our aquatic physiotherapy services and if it would benefit your child.

Aquatic Hydrotherapy Sydney

Our Physiotherapist’s are trained to provide water-based physiotherapy activities. We provide aquatic physiotherapy sessions in local leisure centres and your own home (pool required). Find out more about our aquatic physiotherapy services and if it would benefit your child.

What is Aquatic Physiotherapy?

Aquatic physiotherapy is a type of physiotherapy performed in water, it is often referred to as hydrotherapy. This type of physiotherapy uses the properties of water to support the body, aid movement and increase strength with low impact. Typically it’s carried out in a pool with a warmer temperature around 33-36C. 

What are the benefits of Aquatic Physiotherapy?

Research has been conducted into the benefits of physiotherapy in warm water and below are some of the anticipated effects: 

  • Water supports the body, so the child feels freer and more confident to move. 
  • Warmer water helps muscles to relax helping to improve movement and flexibility. 
  • Strengthens weaker muscles with less stress on muscle and joints. 
  • Relieves pain.
  • Reduces muscle spasm.
  • Improves cardiovascular fitness and endurance.
  • Helps to improve coordination and motor planning.
  • Allows children to experience standing and walking, which can be difficult to achieve on land. 
  • It makes therapy fun! 

What conditions benefit from aquatic physiotherapy?

  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Osteogenesis Imperfecta 
  • Hypermobility disorders
  • Rehabbing musculoskeletal injuries e.g. after a fracture
  • And many more!

How does Ready Steady Therapy provide Aquatic Physiotherapy?

We come to you for Aquatic Physiotherapy! Lots of local leisure centre pools have swimming pools that are heated to warmer temperatures and have accessible changing facilities. Prior to the appointment your physio will call the local leisure centre to ensure they are able to use the pool for aquatic physio and to provide any documentation required by the leisure centre (each leisure centre has different requirements).  We also recommend that you visit the pool prior to our appointment to ensure there is adequate accessibility and changing facilities. 

For children who attend school with a swimming pool we can support their educational team during their swimming time to provide aquatic physiotherapy and activity suggestions for when they use the swimming pool at school.  Please note this has to be arranged with the school and permission given by the Principal or Assistant Principal. 

If you are lucky enough to own your own swimming pool or spa then we can provide aquatic physiotherapy sessions in your own home. Unless the pool is heated this is limited to the summer months. We require a private area for your Physiotherapist to shower and change after the session. 

Aquatic Physiotherapy frequently asked questions

Not necessarily, dependent on your child’s ability it may be possible to do the session with just your Physiotherapist in the water. However, we do recommend you get in the water too so you can learn the activities and exercises to do with your child. We always need somebody pool side. 

No. Ready Steady Therapy pays for the Physiotherapist’s admission cost. 

75 minutes in duration, this allows for 45 minutes in the water plus time for the Physiotherapist to change before and after the session and to write up the session notes.

Any floats or supports your child uses in the water, a swim nappy if your child needs one, we recommend your child wearing a wet suit style swimsuit as it keeps them warmer in the water and any water toys your child uses. 

Other services

We provide physio to children who have NDIS plans that are Plan Managed or Self Managed. We offer weekly, fortnightly or monthly physiotherapy sessions dependent on the need of the child.
If you have concerns regarding your baby or young child’s development, we offer assessment sessions to review your child’s progress. We then formulate a physio plan that you can then use to improve their gross motor skills.
Our Physiotherapists have extensive knowledge of specialist equipment such as standing frames, walking frames, sleep systems, seating, race runners and adapted tricycles. We can help with accessing and acquiring equipment for short term or permanent use.
We see kids who need support to develop their physical skills and coordination. Our team is skilled at activities designed to boost strength, agility, balance, and coordination. Give us a call to see if your child would benefit from a physiotherapy assessment.
Do you have concerns about your toddler or young child’s walking? We offer a comprehensive assessment of your child’s walking and formulate a plan to improve their walking through building up their strength, balance, flexibility and endurance.
We often work with children with neurological conditions including Cerebral Palsy, acquired Brain Injuries, Down Syndrome, Spinal Cord Injuries, Duchene Muscular Dystrophy and other rare genetic disorders. We also give advice on how to improve gross motor skills for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and provide physiotherapy treatment as required.
We treat a wide range of common musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions for children and teenagers, and some not so common conditions too! Physiotherapy can be offered to children and adolescents who have had an injury or who have an MSK condition leading to pain and dysfunction. If your child or teenager is complaining of pain in their muscles or joints, it will benefit them to be reviewed by a child physiotherapist.

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