Children's NDIS Physiotherapist Sydney

We provide physio to children who have NDIS plans that are Plan Managed or Self Managed. We offer weekly, fortnightly or monthly physiotherapy sessions dependent on the need of the child.

Children's NDIS Physiotherapist Sydney

We provide physio to children who have NDIS plans that are Plan Managed or Self Managed. We offer weekly, fortnightly or monthly physiotherapy sessions dependent on the need of the child.

NDIS Physiotherapy

Ready Steady Therapy is a mobile physiotherapy service so we come to you. Therapy is in the home or pre-school/school setting, whatever is right for you. We are a team of experienced Physiotherapists who work predominantly with children who have NDIS funding. We are used to adapting to different home environments but we will need an area free of clutter for the physiotherapy assessment and treatment. We bring what we need for physio to you but if you have your child’s favourite toys or any equipment you have to hand that can be used too.

Types of NDIS Plan

Ready Steady Therapy work with children who have a NDIS Plan which is either Plan Managed or Self-Managed. We are not a registered NDIS provider and therefore we cannot work with children who’s planned and NDIA managed. 

NDIS Sessions

Typically we offer weekly or fortnightly sessions for children who have NDIS funding but this does vary dependent on the need of the child. Prior to your appointment have a think about how frequently you think your child needs physiotherapy as this will be discussed at your child’s initial physiotherapy appointment.

The initial Physiotherapy appointment is 90 minutes this allows time for information gathering, discussion and assessment. Prior to your child’s initial appointment we will send you a pre-assessment questionnaire which helps us understand your child’s need better before the appointment.

An initial appointment will go something like this:

  • We will ask some questions about your child’s physical skills, their development and health during the beginning part of the session. This allows us to understand what’s working for your child and what you have tried in the past. 
  • We will discuss your child’s goals and any concerns you may have with their physical skills. 
  • Then we will move onto an assessment of your child’s gross motor skills, body movements, muscle power and joint range of movement. This helps us to analyse their skills and identify areas that they may need work on. 
  • Towards the end of the session we discuss this assessment with you and provide you with some strategies to further support your child’s development or physical skills.
  • This usually takes 75 minutes. The appointment is 90 minutes as we require time to write up the assessment for our physiotherapy records.

Following appointments will be 60 minutes in length and will be targeted at helping your child achieve their NDIS and Physio goals. Often we will work on similar activities for a few weeks as this helps your child to learn these new skills and build strength in these areas. We will ask you to practise some of the activities outside of physio as this helps your child to progress.

NDIS Funding

All sessions are 60 minutes in duration and as Ready Steady Therapy is a mobile physiotherapy service there is a travel charge which is in accordance with the NDIS price guide.

NDIS Reports

Our experienced Physiotherapist’s will be able to write your child a physiotherapy report at the time of their NDIS review to help support your application for NDIS funding. We ask you give us at least 4 weeks notice prior to your child’s NDIS plan review as this will give us enough time to write the report, complete any required assessments and source any quotes for equipment. 

We do not write a physiotherapy report following your initial assessment unless requested or required for your NDIS review.

Other services

If you have concerns regarding your baby or young child’s development, we offer assessment sessions to review your child’s progress. We then formulate a physio plan that you can then use to improve their gross motor skills.
Our Physiotherapists have extensive knowledge of specialist equipment such as standing frames, walking frames, sleep systems, seating, race runners and adapted tricycles. We can help with accessing and acquiring equipment for short term or permanent use.
We see kids who need support to develop their physical skills and coordination. Our team is skilled at activities designed to boost strength, agility, balance, and coordination. Give us a call to see if your child would benefit from a physiotherapy assessment.
Do you have concerns about your toddler or young child’s walking? We offer a comprehensive assessment of your child’s walking and formulate a plan to improve their walking through building up their strength, balance, flexibility and endurance.
Our Physiotherapist’s are trained to provide water-based physiotherapy activities. We provide aquatic physiotherapy sessions in local leisure centres and your own home (pool required). Find out more about our aquatic physiotherapy services and if it would benefit your child.
We often work with children with neurological conditions including Cerebral Palsy, acquired Brain Injuries, Down Syndrome, Spinal Cord Injuries, Duchene Muscular Dystrophy and other rare genetic disorders. We also give advice on how to improve gross motor skills for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and provide physiotherapy treatment as required.
We treat a wide range of common musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions for children and teenagers, and some not so common conditions too! Physiotherapy can be offered to children and adolescents who have had an injury or who have an MSK condition leading to pain and dysfunction. If your child or teenager is complaining of pain in their muscles or joints, it will benefit them to be reviewed by a child physiotherapist.

Book a free pre-consultation

If you’d like to discuss your child’s needs, we offer a free, 15 minute pre-consultation conducted with one of our expert senior physiotherapists. During this pre-consultation, we can discuss which of our services would best assist your child, and what the next steps will include. Click the button below to book in your pre-consultation now.

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